👋Hi, I'm Jack.
A programmer + university student.

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About Me

Currently I am studying an Information Technology Degree at the University of Technology Sydney & working as a Software Engineer at Channel 9!

I have been programming from a young age and love making apps & games, particularly in C# with the help of Unity. With this I was able to complete my project Retract which won an Australia wide video game competition.

Alongside games I have been experimenting with lots of other languages from Golang, Java & Python to more web based languages such as Javascript, HTML & CSS. Whilst website design has been my current focus I am also working on a Desktop Application for a local business as well as a Mobile App aimed at helping School Aged Students Study. This year I have been venturing into the world of React & started developing applications using the tools both professionally & personally.

I love checking out what other people are up to and helping other programmers when I can particularly through my Online Courses that have reached over 20,000 different students! So if you want to chat send me an email or contact me on social media, I would love to hear from you 😀

Sydney, Australia

Fluent In 5 Different Languages

2 Games Published

My Work

Game Server Lists

Game Server Lists

A series of sites allowing players to find multiplayer servers for their favourite games. Currently Minecraft has been setup with more games planned soon.

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A game centered around changing time & the level around you. Winner of the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge, entirely programmed & visually designed by me.

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Shape Palette

Shape Palette

An educational puzzle game coming to Steam. Fully programmed & visually designed by me.

Online Courses

Online Courses

I have produced lots of different tutorials on topics like Python and Game Development for people to watch. Currently I have over 20,000 students who have watched my classes!

Meal Planner

Meal Planner

A desktop application designed for a nutritionist which keeps track of patients and generates custom meal plans quickly & easily.

Study App


A mobile app that allows people to form study groups by finding others in their local area. Aimed at high school students this aims to help people in remote areas connect.

Tutorial Site

Online Tutorials

Currently I am developing a website similar to the likes of Udemy & Codeacademy, featuring online programming challenges & tutorials for my students to use to learn. It will allow interactive learning opportunities through quizzes & videos.

Sandbox Game

Mod-Focused Game

In conjunction with another team member we are creating a fully moddable sandbox game using Unity, focusing on aspects of automation, taking inspiration from the likes of Factorio & Minecraft. The aim for this is to allow the community to expand upon our existing ideas, with a fully functional modding environment.